We’re a small team of about 50 military and civilian personnel. Prior to joining DIUx, we’ve launched and sold companies backed by tier-1 VCs; led teams at the Joint Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the White House; served with our military around the world; and helped build some of Silicon Valley's most iconic companies.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning for operational impact
  • Autonomy
    Adopting and countering autonomous systems, with a focus on human-machine interaction and scalable teaming
  • Human Systems
    Countering emerging biological threats while enhancing survivability, training, biomedical protection, and performance.
  • Information Technology
    Making combat information open and accessible for operational forces
  • Space
    Developing on-demand access to space, persistent satellite capabilities, and broadband space data transfer

We're looking for forward-leaning DoD acquisition professionals (O-3 - O-5 / GS-12 - GS-14) to join our Hacking Acquisition program, known as the HACQer program -- a competitive detail (TDY) at DIUx. HACQers will spend four months at DIUx in Mountain View, CA to learn how DoD can work with cutting-edge companies. Apply below. If you have any questions about the HACQer program, please contact Maj Danny Nelson,

Required Documentation:
- Endorsement memo from first O-6/GS-15 in Chain of Command
- Last Two OPRs - Military Only (Black out SSN)
- Resume (2 Page Limit)
- Three professional references
- Letter of Intent (why you want to participate in the DIUx HACQer program) (1 page limit)

Application Dates:
- Application Period: 6 Apr - 4 May 18
- Interview Period: 14 May - 18 May 18
- Selectee Notification: 22 May 18

If you're a service member interested in joining our team, please work with your chain of command to explore opportunities with DIUx. If you're a civilian interested in joining our team, please check for opportunities on USAJOBS.