We’re a small team of about 75 military and civilian personnel. Prior to joining DIU, we’ve launched and sold companies backed by tier-1 VCs; led teams at the Joint Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the White House; served with our military around the world; and helped build some of Silicon Valley's most iconic companies.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning for operational impact
  • Autonomy
    Adopting and countering autonomous systems, with a focus on human-machine interaction and scalable teaming
  • Human Systems
    Countering emerging biological threats while enhancing survivability, training, biomedical protection, and performance.
  • Information Technology
    Making combat information open and accessible for operational forces
  • Space
    Developing on-demand access to space, persistent satellite capabilities, and broadband space data transfer

1. The application window for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) positions to DIU and AFWERX has concluded as of 1700 PT, 14 September 2018. Those who have applied will be notified of next steps the week of September 17.

2. DIU is looking for forward-leaning DoD acquisition professionals (O-3 - O-5 / GS-12 - GS-14) to join our Hacking Acquisition program, known as the HACQer program -- a competitive detail (TDY) at DIU. HACQers will spend four months at DIU in Mountain View, CA to learn how DoD can work with cutting-edge companies. Apply below. During application windows applicants will be asked to provide the following:

- Endorsement memo from first O-6/GS-15 in Chain of Command
- Last Two OPRs - Military Only (Black out SSN)
- Resume (2 Page Limit)
- Three professional references
- Letter of Intent (why you want to participate in the DIU HACQer program) (1 page limit)

3. If you're a service member interested in joining our team, please work with your chain of command to explore opportunities with DIU. If you're a civilian interested in joining our team, please check for opportunities on USAJOBS.